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Oman � A family adventure Holiday

Oman is one of the wonderful Arabian countries located in south west Asia and on south east coast of the Arabian Peninsula .Gulf States like Dubai, Bahrain or Qatar. Is the easiest way for you to access the sultanate of Oman .It's position at the mouth of Persian Gulf is highly important position. The Position and history of Oman have produced a highly confident proud People embraced the most modern infrastructure and international tourism while while keeping their traditional lifestyle based on Islamic religion and and their buadian in the desertand their buadian life in the desert

A vast desert plain occupies most of central Oman with spectacular mountains range along the north (Al Hajar Mountains) and magnificent Coast line south east where the main cities of oman are located : the capital city Muscat, Sohar and Sur in the north, and Salalah in the south, tropical vegetation in the south and at oases elsewhere and the dramatic fjords of Musandam

Forts and Castles are Oman's most tourist attraction, besides the marine life in the coastal waters and Souqs which spread all over Oman selling various traditional Omani goods.

Muscat, the capital now has a modern airport, 5 starts hotels, high ways, and clean beaches and greets collection of local and international foods.

Outside the capital there many tourist attraction whether historical some places listed on the UNESSCO world heritage sites, besides the heritage sites Oman has unparallel magnificent nature such as magnificent wadis with water springs, ancient caves, huge sand dunes, nature reserves and sink holes . Our tours cover all kinds of activities for all kind of tourists aiming to have unforgettable holiday in Oman the land of "Queen sheba " .

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